External 1TB hard drive won't initialize.

My 1TB hard drive suddenly won't read on my lap top. I can't access the drive to run any utilities. I can see the dribe in device manager and in the disk manager, I just can't access the drive. When I trry to initialize i get the "data error cyclic redundancy check" message. I have tried to access this drive on 2 laptops with the same results.
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  1. The hard drive inside the enclosure might be defective. If this is the case, it is costly to retrieve data

    Or the PCB board inside the enclosure is bad. If this is the case, you could crack it open to get the internal hard drive and see if you can get the data. If hard drive is functional, all you need is a new enclosure.
  2. dudu dun dun dun dun "another one bites the dust" Better luck next drive. :(
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