My seagate 1 terra byte hard drive keeps clicking

hi , i have a free agent 1 terrabyte seagate hard drive, it turns on and 1 light comes on and then it starts making a clicking noise for about a min.but it doesnt show up on my computer so i dont know what to do. it doesnt work in any other computers i have tried either. how can i get all my data off it . its so annoying, i thought that was the point of a hard drive so u have a copy of everything. i have also just changed my laptop for the 2nd time and when i turned it on it was making a clicking noise and then said no bootable device, im assuming the 2 are related as they both went at the same time and they 2 both only 3 months old. a warrenty isnt going to help me as i need my data , please help , thanks tracee
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  1. Sounds like the drives have failed. If you are willing to void your warranty you can remove it from the case and plug it into a computer internally, but I dont think that will yeild any better results.

    When a drive fails there is typically nothing the user can do to retrive the data. I got lucky and I was able to get some data off of mine by believe it or not putting it in the freezer for an hour, but that only works for one specific type of failure.

    If you data is really that valuable you would need to look into data recovery services where they open up the drive and remove the platters, install them onto a new drive to recover the data (not an easy process and not something a normal person should attempt without a clean room) Typically these services cost a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

    As for your laptop did that drive ever work? If not than there might not be an operating system on it. If it did work than it could have failed also. Which might just be bad timing.

    All HDD's will fail at some point or another, they are fragile mechanical precision instruments, even dropping them could cause all the data to be unrecoverable.
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