How to get to windows setup when at black screen

My old old old Toshiba we use for fuel dispenser diagnostics only opened with a black screen saying it may have a missing or corrupt windows system32 config system file

I put the xp cd in and it brought me back to the same place. I rebooted and pushed f8 and tried to get to safe mode and it brought me to the same place. I went to the bios and tried to boot from the cd but it wouldn't let me. I'm no pro so maybe that wasn't the right thing to try anyways.

The computer is not worth paying to be repaired and I would like to see if I could get it up and going. Any ideas you smart people out there?? No dumb responses please. LOL
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  1. Did you get the "hit a key to boot from disk" message? You could try with a different boot disk also, or try your boot disk in another PC to make sure it's good.
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