CPU freezing and stuttering after large file transfer to hdd external

AFter a 45gb transfer to my iomega 500gb, my computer freezes constantly.
To the point where I have to hard reset.

Comp freezes whenever
- firefox or IE is minimized
- during reboot
- while my desktop is loading

Sometimes I can get past all of this and I am able to use the computer normally. But minimizing internet browsers freeze the computer.

I tried system restore but when I click on next to start it, it wont work. I tried it in safe mode as well but it does not work either. The computer gives me a message about how my external cannot be restored but that shouldn't matter since I have my external of the system restore monitoring list.

Any Ideas?
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  1. Full specs?
  2. You could have a fault with the external HDD. If you can, back it up before you do anything else. Had a similar issue with an external HDD, whenever I accessed it or copied files to it, would take ages. Eventually the drive failed.
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