Move image from a single drive to Raid 5?

I've searched the forum for awhile and couldn't find an answer to this, so I apologize if it's been asked before.

After years of buying off the web dells I finally maned up and built my first box. A lot of fun and easier than I feared, but in an effort to hold down costs and appease the other half of our household budget oversight committee, I went with a single 1TB drive instead of the RAID 5 I was planning on. 4 months in now and I regret the decision and am looking to switch, but dread the idea of installing W7, all my apps and data on a new config.

So I my question is, can I make an image of my 1Tb, get 3 new drives and setup a new RAID 5 via my Gigabyte P55-USB3 motherboard, and then copy the image over to the new RAID?

Seems like it should be a straightforward yes or no, but I've actually had a hard time finding anything definitive on it.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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  1. I'm looking to do the same thing with my setup.

    I have a 1TB WD HDD and want to add up to 4 more internally. I am searching around for information on how to keep my info from my single drive so when I switch to the raid array I won't lose anything. Anyone with info regarding this issue would be a great resource.

  2. Bumping in the hopes of some help.

  3. Its not really a good idea to install windows to a raid 5 array.

    so just leave your current setup alone then add a seperate raid 5 array for your movies or whatever. raid 1 for 2disk raid 5 for 3+

    also some motherboards have really REALLY flaky raid 5 support, and I wouldnt run raid 5 without an expensive raid 5 card. (one of the ones with its own processor rand ram 200+ dollars usually)
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    You are better off making a raid 1 disk for the boot drive, where you simply clone your present drive to a two drive set, no more then 500GB. Then using 4 drives to make a raid 5 drive, by using 4 drives your system stays running if one drive fails giving you time to replace and rebuild. I have been using on board Intel or Nvidia raid for a long time and they work fine, also having a raid drive doesn't fully protect you from loosing a drive you should have one external drive to backup the raid 5 drive.
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  6. A RAID 5 setup for your system isn't exactly performance oriented. However, not knowing the typical usage of your system, performance may not be of great concern.
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