Dell C600 (Laptop Build)

I recently got a Dell C600 from a place I used to work for free.
Has wireless, CD drive, working battery, 1.0ghz PIII processor, 256mb of ram, windows XP, 20gb hard drive. Pretty sweet for my price, free.

There are only two things wrong with it:
-the ONLY usb port is broken, its missing all four pins
-internal sound doesn't work.

Would I be able to get a replacement USB port for specifically this unit? I know I can just get a PCMCIA usb card, but I just wanted to fix the existing one to completely avoid the possibility of a short circuit, after all this is a great eBay laptop.

And the sound...not sure if it's a driver issue or what. Went into BIOS and made it so everytime I pressed a key, it would beep. There are no beeps to be heard out of the internal speakers, but headphones work when you plug them in. I've taken the unit apart several times, and the speakers, are indeed plugged into the motherboard. Am I missing something?

Lastly, I am sorry if this is in the wrong section, it seemed to be right.
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  1. The USB port is probably a standardized item, but buying one and then replacing it might be a challenge. I imagine it's soldered on.

    There's a difference between a "motherboard speaker" and your laptop speakers... do you understand that? Probably the laptop has no speaker for error beep codes and such. I guess it might use the laptop speakers instead, but I'm not sure.

    As to why the laptop speakers don't seem to work... my guess is the switch inside the headphone jack is broken.
  2. You could pick up a C600 motherboard on eBay for a small amount of money- $20- $30. Dell still has the Service Manual online at . It tells you how to pull it all apart and reassemble it. This includes the motherboard and the speaker assembly. This latter part can also be found on eBay, $5.99.

    I also have a C600 I picked up cheap to mess around with. EBay was really useful to find upgrades and replacement parts.

    Good Luck!
  3. I agree, eBay is good for that stuff! And yes, I know the difference. But the keystrokes come out of the speakers plugged into the laptop, there is no sound at all, coming from the actual laptop.

    Thanks guys
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