games freezes my computer

alright guys more question need answer please

so i just installed team fortress 2 and left 4 dead.

the game freezes in different spots and it seems to be sooner as it have been a few attempts...i have a feeling that it freezes becuase my gpu or computer is not getting enough power when i play the game....

could this be possible? imy core vid is 1.350v

please help...!
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  1. bump!
  2. Could be.
    Tell us your specs though. Without them we're blind.
  3. oh sorry

    phenom II x4 955
    Asus m4a78t-e
    radeon 4850 two of them crossfired
    650w antec earthpower crossfire
  4. ok so i have tested the game in lowest setting and in a window and it didn't crash.

    Could it be i am using one crossfire bridge.
  5. or could it be my power supply

    i do have 5 fans in the case
  6. ok i tired it with one card and it works fine no problem

    i have tried reinstalling OS and it still doesn't work

    drivers are up to date
  7. the game themselves may not support crossfire. if its just these two valve games you have an issue with, I would go check the valve support forum.

    If it happens with every game, it may be a power issue.
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