GeForce GTX260 (by gigabyte) and DVI connectors problem

I have bought Gigabyte n26oc.
This card has two DVI connectors on the back - DVI1 and DVI2.
While booting (and in the bios) the picture goes only through DVI2 (if i connect to DVI1 monitor remains black).
In windows there was a setting in the nvidia driver - something like "which device i want to use", but now its gone, and i have to use DVI1 in windows

This means that i have to swith DVIs - when booting i use DVI2, in windows only DVI1 works (it depends on dirver DVI2 worked in windows yesterday)

Is that a bug?
What should i do?
I'va asked all my friends - noone knows.
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  1. What driver version are you using?

    does it matter?
    Before installing windows, there were no drivers and the situation was similar - jne of the DVIs was working, another - was not.
    Windows and nvidia driver let me know that both are working.
  3. Of course it matters, that's why drivers exist and are updated. Go to the nvidia website and download then install the latest version and see whether your problem goes away.
  4. Done, but the problem did not go away.

    Driver version does not matter when the system boots up, or during POST, for example.
  5. Which PCIe slot have you got set to boot from first in BIOS?. When you updated the driver did you uninstall the old one and the go into the system32 folder and delete any and all nvidia files and then install either the newest driver or one that you know works?, I had a similar problem a couple of years ago with my 7900GT Sli setup and that was the cure that worked for me.
  6. PCI-E x16-1 - the correct one.
    Sure, i cleaned the system before installing new driver.
  7. Then you may be best served starting a support ticket with your cards manufacture, unless someone else can come with a solution. Good luck.
  8. Thank you
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