Application won't work in the old drive?!?!!?

A lot of applications such as games( especially online games that require checking for new patch before starting ) don't work from my old hard drive. Recently, I built my new system and installed a new windows ( windows 7 ) on a new hard drive. And I used my old hard drive( windows xp installed ) to make another drive on my computer. What I did is that I am accessing my old hard drive through windows 7( new hard drive ) and most of my applications didn't work anymore. This is not a dual boot system, I am only booting into windows 7. So why are my applications not working? Is there any way to move certain applications from my old hard drive to my new hard drive without installing them over again?
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  1. you need to install those applications again. Everytime you install apps, information is saved in Windows Registry. Without these info in registry, the apps most likely will not work.
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