A problem with my PSU

Hellow, about 6 mothes ago I bought a new PC and my budget was really strict, 570 bucks ( but I'm from Romania so the prices are very diferent from US ) so I really needed to fufill my dream ( a powerfull PC ) and since I was limited to 300 $ PC my hole life I needed to buy something more powerfull then my last PC ( AMD Athlon 64 2.2 GHz with 1GB DDR and ATI Radeon 2600 XT ) but with not much money so I bought: AMD Athlon 64 X2 7750, 3GB DDR2 800MHz and GeForce 9800GTX+, a bad Motherboard: ASRock GF6150 and ALLIED 400W SE. I know now I made bad choices but I needed a PC so I can play at maximum of 1280*1024 with the highest settings I do really hate AA so I don use it. I know a should have gone for ATI HD4850 and I am correcting that misteke soon, and the Mobo is THE PRIMARY OBJECTIV of changing but my money got shorte I could not whait for more money because it wont be any more money ( untill now ).

The primary problem is, offcourse, the PSU:
It has 400W in the next configuration:
3.3V = 20A ]
]130W ]
5V = 14A ] ]
12V1 = 14A ] 168W ] 385W
12V2 = 13A ] 156W ]

I do not know how eficient it is but I'm very shore it is not above 65%, the problem is it will holde enough until I change it ? I do know that my PC need about 350 W REAL and about 29 Amps but I know that is not enough for the curent PC Config. How much I do really need ? And after I change the GPU to ATI Radeon HD4850 I do know that the power requerments would go down from 150 TDP ( nVidia ) to 110 ( ATI ) but the Amps will go up from 28 ( nVidia ) to 32 ( ATI ), so what would be the best PSU for my PC. Allso I would like to overclock my CPU for at least 3.2GHz since it is a Black Edition. I do experience random shot downs but the wierd thing is it is when the PC is not heavy duty situation ( like watching Lost Season 5 ).

Thank you for youre help and time, and it really sucks when the PC is on a thight buget because you have limited options on keeping the CPU-GPU balanced while on a price., so please dont be harsh on blaming me, and sorry for my bad english spelling.
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  1. An HD4850 is not an upgrade from a 9800GTX+. They are about equal.

    I would definitely recommend a good quality PSU such as Corsair, Seasonic or Antec.

    Allied is very poor quality and if it dies there is a good chance it will take other components with it. I would also not do any overclocking with that PSU.
  2. I never even though of overclocking the CPU ( not untile I change the motherboard to an AMD Chipset ), and I didnt meant upgrading the GPU, curently the PSU has only one PCI-Ex power adaptor and that damn power hungry son of a gun nVidia wants 2 PCI-Ex while consuming 150 W ( in maximum sitiuation ) while ATI Radeon HD4850 needs only one PCI-Ex with 110 W TDP giving the same amount of performance, I say thats is an upgrade. I am curently using the secound PCI-Ex converted from 2 4-pin molex and I really think that it is stresing the PSU on getting more juice from the low Voltage Rail. And ther is the fact that I am very disipointed in nVidia for not giving what it promesses when buying ther GPU.
  3. TDP does not equal power consumption. The 9800GTX+ only uses a few watts more than the HD4850. If you want a card with lower power use, get an HD4670 or 4770.
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