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I am looking to upgrade the graphics card in my current desktop. It currently has an Nvidia 8500GT which is a terrible card for playing games, as you probably know. I want to upgrade it to the best card you feel my system can support. Please exclude power supply from this as I will be upgrading it to whatever size is needed for the new card (+I get a discount from corsair!)
The only limitation I have is the size of my case. The card can be no larger than 23cm x 12cm x 4cm as this is the maximum size that would fit in my case. The 4cm is not a big problem as there are no PCI cards in any of the slots around the card, however, it must not be any longer than 23cm because the DVD-ROM drive is there.
I do not have any bias against nvidia or ATI, so whichever can give me the best card I will buy. I want this card so that I will be able to play games at the highest framerates I can get from any card that will fit in the case - the best card.
I was looking at the ATI Sapphire 4850 x2 and the nvidia GTX 260 but neither of these will fit in the case. I would like to point out now I DO NOT want to change the case.

Any ideas?
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  1. the GTX260 is LONGER than the ATI cards, not by much

    and the HD4850 X2 altrhough good card is about the same as a GTX260 so how about a HD4870 and call it even.
  2. I don't think the 4870 will fit in the case, the XFX model is 24cm long. Anyone got a link to one that is 23cm or less??
    I was also looking at the GTS 250, it is only 22cm so it would fit. Is it a good card?
  3. the GTS competes against the 4850 in performance, its a good card but does not offer the level of a 4850x2 or GTX 260 you where looking at originally. Still a huge improvement over your 8500GT.
  4. Well, it seems to be the best card that will fit in my case. Unless anyone else has any suggestions??
  5. i know you don't want to change ur case,But the nvidia GTX 260 worth it. :D
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