'Healthy' SATA behaving worse than 'Unhealthy' IDE

Let me first give a summary of my computer. Two years back I brought my first PC and ended up making a mistake of buying Biostar MoBo that only supported TDP proc of 95W while my proc was a 125W one. My PSU was some unkown 550W crap. I installed Windows XP in my then new 500GB Seagate Barracuda hdd. within a month I had regular freezes and crashes. Questions on forums made me realise it could be my CPU / MoBo incompatibility.

Since then, I have had a new replacement for my 500GB from Seagate because the first one failed. Few months back I brought a new 450VX Corsair PSU. AND, as fate (or stupidity) would have it, when I decided to do away with my weak MoBo, I ended up with another 95W limit MoBo - I brought an A785GE instead of a TA785BE Biostar. Two weeks back I did a RAM upgrade from 2GB to 4GB. My issues with the new stick have been solved.

Recently, I installed Windows 7 on the SATA harddisk and used to get a lot of freezes and crashes. Yesterday I re-installed Windows (for a thousandth time) but this time installed on a very old IDE 250GB HDD that I had. Until now, it's working perfectly without any issues.

So, I deduce from all this that my only problem right now is my SATA HDD (which is a replacement after the first one failed). What is the reason? Two reasons I can think of are
1: SATA being newer tech is not working fine with TDP problems my CPU might have with my MoBo (if any, this is just a guess, I am a noob).
2: Seagate has been making crap HDDs of late!!

Thanks for any help.
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  1. Alright.. if there's not answer for this, at least someone tell me what's the best new 1TB to buy and replace both my old IDE and faulty SATA? I don't think I can trust Seagate anymore. Also not sure if there is anything I need to keep in mind while buying a HDD of that capacity with my current config.
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