Need expert advise on Budget Build

Hi guys,

Would like to say thanks in advance for taking the opportunity to share your opinions here about my budget build. The specs are as followed:

CPU: Intel E5300
PSU: OCZ StealthXStream 500W
GPU: Sapphire HD4830 512Mb
HDD: WD 640Gb
RAM: Corsair C4DHX 4Gb 4-4-4-12

Main purpose is to be able to run Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator smoothly and a bit of gaming(not too much).
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  1. All the components seem well balanced. That mobo and G31 chipset should be able to get your e5300 to 3.4 GHz. With the faster bus (13 X 266 - 1066 fsb) you will notice the difference as you do your photo editing. The 33% speed increase will lower your rendering times by about 25%.

    Maybe someone with overclocking and photoshop experience can post the math, please?
  2. thanks for your valuable input HundredIsland.

    My another hesitation is the power supply. Was choosing between antec earthwatt 430, and this OCZ stealthXStream.

    My another build is for my gf, which will be similar, except that the mobo will be changed to the G31-ES2L. How well can this cheap mobo overclock?

    Thanks in advance again
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