Quad monitors: Will these cards work?

I'm working on converting my old gaming rig to a trading rig that needs to run quad monitors. I currently have a GeForce 8800 GTS in there. I'm looking at adding a GeForce 8600 GTS to support the other two monitors. My question is will this work? I've read else where that you have to have identical video cards, but I've also read you didn't as long as they were the same series and shared drivers. Then I've also read that you can have two completely separate styles of cards...and of course other people say this isn't possible...so yeah the more I research it the more confused I'm getting. If someone who has a setup like this or knows for sure could outline what works and doesn't it would be very helpful before I make purchases.

Also, I was wondering if it would be possible to run two monitors and use the s-video on the card simultaneously?
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  1. If your not running SLI then it should work, what is your motherboard?
  2. My MB is an ABIT Fatal1ty, it has SLI, but I don't use it or plan on using it. I don't need the second card to be as good as a 8600 GTS, but from what I understand I can't get say a 6000 series card to work with my 8800 GTS. All I need need to display are charts, web pages, etc. So, I just want the cheapest card that will work with my 8800 GSTS.
  3. WEll, I cant speak for those particular cards, but I'm running twin GF8800GT (512mb) cards with 3 22" monitors hanging off them, and no problems at all. This is on a winvista 32bit with an AsusP5N-E SLI mobo. (display fusion does a great job of integrating the desktops, and its free.
  4. I know that theres a company in UK, (CUBE247) that are advertising a 3 monitor setup, try emailing them to find out what their setup is, I tried that before I bought my current Pc, I do recall that it wasnt identical cards, but can't remember exactly what they said, Age catching up with me!!!
  5. Heh, CUBE247 and a few other websites build custom trading computers, but they are overpriced. I could build those same systems much cheaper. Anyway, I came across a site where people can post pics of their multiple monitor setups and they list the specs. Very helpful. I seen some some setups that used 8000 series and 6000 series simultaneously.

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