LCD Monitors and the lack of information..

Greetings all,

I've lurked here for years, but finally have something to post about.

Does anyone else see a problem with the general lack of good information on displays on just about every hardware site? I've been in the market for a 24" panel with decent color, no lag, and 16:10, but when browsing forums everywhere all the discussion is about video cards and overclocking. There's not even a monitor sub-forum on most of these sites. It seems performance for the thing you look at the entire time you use your computer is just as critical as any other part, but yet it's left out in 99% of the discussion regarding enthusiast computing. Heck, even this site is forcing me to select a sub-category and there's nothing about monitors/displays in it. :non:

I see lots of people gleaming over 30" panels getting nice frame rates with quad SLI 295's, how nice the colors are on Dell UltraSharp panels, etc. But, I played games like counterstrike forever and remember the first time playing on a LCD. It was a nightmare. Dying way more than when I use my old Sony 21" CRT @ 160Hz. Really, what good is a massive display if you are a frame or two behind the action?

After digging around a good bit, reading over sites, I've only found monitors no longer in sales channels (like the Benq 2400 and one of the Samsung models) that have been rated and reviewed at 0 measurable latency. Then there's the new line of 22" monitors with less resolution and a 120Hz refresh. Decent measurements with both, but every other review gripes about backlight bleeding, lack of adjustments, etc.

I'm looking for any advice regarding a current model panel with latency performance similar to a good TN panel, but with 8-bit color, 24", 1920x1200 and would work well for a single GTX 295 + twitch games.

If your only understanding of monitor latency is manufacturer's ratings for grey to grey pixel refresh times, I don't think you'll be able to help me here.
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  1. Yeah, I deserve a spanking for that post. :o
  2. Amusing....Unhelpful yet amusing;)
    @ spoofedpacket: Back from the shower!
    If you have the room and a little patience good CRT monitors can still be found in the classifieds, E-bay and Craiglist. If you play on line and really need that twitch kill speed, CRT is still the best option.
    Colour reproduction, light bleeding and adjustments vary anyway and we all see in a slightly different way. Best advice is to actually see the monitor working, perhaps even try to get it home for an extended test, the way the economy is at the moment, most places should be more than willing to help.
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