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I have recently installed a 1 TR WD caviar black as a slave storage drive and I had it partitioned into 2 volumes.

I have formatted the disk and changed the file system to NTFS. After data storage, my computer (win XP) system has stopped recognizing this partitioned volume giving me error (F:\ is not accessible. Error performing inpage operation.) despite showing that the volume is "Healthy (Active)" in computer management. The file system of this volume changed from NTFS to (blank) and Free Space showed the full initial capacity, which is not true.

What can I do to make my data readable again? Strangely enough, my other partitioned volume was not in any way affected. I have not done any back up for the problematic volume yet.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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  1. Sounds like your partition info was lost. Give Testdisk a try...
  2. Thanks! I have recovered my data using Easy Recovery Professional. Now, what's left is the repair portion. This is a new hard disk drive and could it be possible that this hard disk drive is dying out?

    If it is, then there's no point than to repair it and having the data loss and repeating the whole cycle again. I'll need to know if I should be buying a new one soon? Any indication?
  3. Go to WD's web site and run their diagnostics on the drive. If it passes you should be good. In any case all drives fail at some point so you should always backup your important data.
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