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Hi again. At the moment i am using the cpu fan which came with my system but my cpu is at 60 degrees celsius idle and can reach 75 when playing games. Therefore i would like to know if there are any fairly cheap cpu fans which would work on my PC and would use little power (i have a 350w PSU and quite a few components including an XFX GeForce 8600 GT). My system is a Fujistsu Scaleo P and my mobo is a P5GD1M or something.

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  1. after looking at a pic of this computer on the net, it is more likely a problem of too hot of case temps than of inefficient CPU cooling. It appears that there is only the PSU fan exiting out all the hot air made by the hard drive, CPU, and graphics card. I see there is an 80mm fan opening on the back of the case to add another exhaust fan. I suggest you add one. Finally, adding a 120mm side fan on the mesh side opening will further improve case temps, but may actually hinder smooth airflow inside the case, which can cause some issues with hard drive cooling, as less air would likely get sucked in from the front of the case now that you'd be pushing in air from the side.
  2. if i fitted a fan at the back should it be blowing air in or out of the system?
  3. I have found this fan . Will screws coe with the fan or will i have to buy them seperately?
  4. the fan you linked is 92mm. Please make sure that is the size you need before ordering. Generally, boxed fans should come with the screws. However, I cannot guarantee that to be true in all circumstances. You want your fan to blow air OUT of the case.
  5. I thought so. On the page it says 8cm so why are the dimensions different in the details?
  6. I have a problem now. Ive looked at my mobo earlier and there is only one of those 3 pin power sockets which is already taken by a fan so i don't know how i'm going to power it :(
  7. You can get a 3pin fan to 4pin molex connector and plug it directly into your power supply.
  8. how would i plug it into my power supply? all there is is cables coming out of it there are no sockets on it.
  9. On one of the cables, There should be a molex connector. Which looks like this -
  10. ok i will look for it later. Thanks.
  11. I'm looking at my cpu temp and at idle it's at 60-65 degrees celsius. What is a decent cpu fan and heatsink i can get for my PC?
  12. what cpu are you using
  13. Pentium 4 3.20 GHz which is the HT version
  14. What are you trying to say?
  15. as for the fan i want to place at the rear, i have molex connectors but they are all being used by the components and i haven't added any since i bought the machine so i don't know how i'm going to power the fan.
  16. You can buy Molex splitters to power your fan.

    As for another heatsink, Adding another fan will probably sort the temperatures out. 60 degrees is way too hot for an idle temperature though. Once you get another fan fitted and running, Note down the temperatures and then decide whether you need a better heatsink.
  17. Most fans have a two-way molex connector. It basically piggybacks into an already used molex connection, so you need not worry about having a spare molex.
  18. ok thanks.
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