E7500 overclock

hi ....
im just not able to take my e7500 above 3.8ghz...
ive tried all possible things with the board
i tried (400X10) but its unstable...at (400X9) its good to go...
i even played around with my cpu pll and termination voltages...but it dint help?

any clue ?

do i have to increase my MCH voltage?

my memory is running with 1:1 ratio...

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  1. anybody!?
  2. System specs? What motherboard? What memory? Even, what PSU? All that makes a difference.

    All we know is what processor you have. I have an E7500:
    GA-EP35-DS3P | E7500 OC'd to 4.1 GHz (373 MHz X 11)

    Pretty easy to overclock. :)
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