What is this motherboard!?!?!?!?!?!?

What is the motherboard model number in the Asus Essentio CG5270-BP004?
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  1. P5QL-VM EPU

    It uses a different BIOS than the ASUS retail P5QL-VM EPU.
  2. tcsenter said:

    It uses a different BIOS than the ASUS retail P5QL-VM EPU.

    So I discovered !!!
    I also bought this box (thought: hey!a pre-built factory tested Asus barebones box from BestBuy on the cheap!Such a deal . . .)
    I've LOVED the "AI" overclocking BIOS on all my OTHER Asus mobo's, so I thought I could bump the 2.5ghz to 2.66 and meet Pinnacle's speed requirement for AVCHD video editing, if it really needed it.

    HOW DO YOU OC THIS THING !!!!!!????

    Scary thought- Can I use "EZ Flash"(at least THAT wuz in the BIOS!) and flash the P5QL-VM EPU ?
    Looks easy enough . . . take a production replacement board and lock it down for dedicated machine production and sell it at BestBuy to people who have absolutely NO business monkeying with a BIOS.

    BUT aren't you BestBuy? Don't you want to sell upgrades? Like faster processors???

    What if you want to (Best)buy an Intel Q9400 and install it to get HD editing speed?
    SURELY they (Asus/BestBuy) would not miss an opportunity to sell something . . . there's gotta be a way to this I would think.Like our buddy, I don't want to lose my warranty diving in.Any ideas ?Newegg a retail P5QL-VM EPU,rebuild the box and then overclock it?Am I missing something easy?
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