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I recently moved to a raid setup from a single sata disk. Before doing so, I backed up a winxp partition.
once I setup the array I partitioned it and I installed win 7.
I then restored my winxp partition, which everytime I try to boot blue screens.
I guess its because of the raid drivers. So I tried loading the winxp install cd with integrated raid drivers but was given no repair option...

I would really like to use the backup I have, as I spent a long time setting it up correctly.

Is there anyway to add raid drivers to a winxp that isn't bootable???
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  1. Hey,

    I found a possible solution to this which is reinstalling the old drive and taking another backup with drive snapshot which can insert raid drivers during the backup...

    but now I have another problem...

    I have two new sata3 drives in a raid stripe with win7, all works ok.
    I added my older sata2 drive (with the xp I want to backup) which shows in the bios (but strangly doesn't give an option to boot from it)

    Win7 cant see the drive.. not in disc management or device manager...

    I had a similar problem with my other sata2 drive but that one showed up in device manager and after a few reboots suddenly showed up in disc man.

    any ideas????
  2. anybody???
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