Recent GTX 275 SLI Upgrade - Heat Issue

Hi All,

I recently popped another 275 Card into my mobo for SLI. Unfortunately, on my MOBO the two PCI 2.0 are right next to each other, so SLI means I have something looking like this:

Question is, does having them so close together where the fan intake is blocked on the top one, mean it will overheat? I popped up Crysis for a while and was able to get one up to 85 degrees and the other to 75, I don't know if I played for hours on end if it would rise but I didn't want to try. I put a side case fan blowing directly on it but I don't know if that did much.

I've read conflicting opinions on what exactly is the safe temperature on these things. does anyone have some feedback?
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  1. Well those temps should be okay for those cards. I would just turn the fan speed up.
  2. The first thing I would is download Rivatuner and use it to determine what the temperature threshold of the GPU's are then decide whether action is required.

    P.S Your picture link is borked.
  3. I have two GTX 275's in SLI in an Antec 900 case and since both of my cards were almost touching I would get temps in the low 80*C range. Downloaded RivaTuner and turned fan speed up to 80% from the default 40% and now even after a couple hours of Crysis the max it ever goes is 70*C.
  4. OK, I popped on Rivatuner and am editing the fan speedvia Target Adapter > Customize > Low-level system tweaks. I noticed you could do it in a different method but this seemed simplest.

    Question: Is the fan speed a static 40% by default regardless of temps? I noticed at 80% it got quite a bit louder, and was wondering if it raised automatically and I never noticed it before, or if it was indeed always 40%.

    I put it on 65%, I'll see how that turns out.

    Thanks guys
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