Hello,one of my system files was not responding so i tried to install a fresh operating system but a message came reading 'Setup cannot find a harddrive station on your computer.

Make sure that the disks are activated, and connected correctly to the computer and that the hardwareconfiguration for the disks is correct. You should use a program, provided by the manufacturer for this.

Setup cannot continue. Push F3 to end the setup.' my laptop can not even boot from the hard drive now
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  1. Hard drive might be defective. Get a USB to SATA/IDE dongle and plug in the hard drive. Plug in USB to another computer and see if the computer can access the drive. Also see if drive make any noises.

    Depending on the laptop, it might have a diag tool you can use to check for hard drive failure. Also the drive manufacturer might have diag tool as well.
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