Which GPU brand????

hey guys im about to purchase a 4870....around xmas time ill buy another 1 and xfire them but for now one will have to do...now i normally buy form overclockers.co.uk since theyr the only 1s who deliver to malta and their are these 3 bargains:


now although all the same card i dunno which is the better brand as im clueless when it comes to the brands....all i know is that the powercolor one is OCd out of the box but it doesnt say anywhere that it has a warranty....so which do u think i should go for guys??? ASUS, XFX or Powercolor???? also i would like to know why u guys think so maybe i learn a bit bout the brands hehe

Thanks a real lot in advance for any help
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  1. At first I was going to recommend XFX due to their lifetime warranty, but seems as if they do not provide that in the UK.

    "2 Year Warranty"

    So in your specific case, I would recommend PowerCooler, since it is clocked higher than the other two while being cheaper as well.

    The only thing I would clarify first is the warranty, since it does not mention it on that page like it mentions it for the other two cards.
  2. How good is the airflow in your case? As I understand it, Malta can get a bit hot;)
    If your airflow is less than good, go for the XFX card, it will exhaust its heat outside and help with system temperatures, just set the fan to 40% or so through the Catalyst Control Centre after activating Overdrive. If the airflow is good, then get the Powercolor.
    And you should have a decent PSU with twin 6-pin PCI-E connectors to feed the new card.
  3. yeah my PSU should be no problem i got the 750W OCZ silencer (the red one :P)

    yeah its already very hot here well my case is:

    its got a 120mm fan at the back for outflow
    an 80mm fan on the side for inflow
    and i modded the case to have another 2 80mm fans in the front for inflow so i dnt think it should get TAT hot....but when i think about it all the fans are a bit higher than the GPU itself so dunno how good the flow is on it...
    so the XFX cooling system is much better than the ASUS dark knight cooler???

    oh and to EmuSnacks by clarifying the warranty u mean it has one then??? the powercolor looked like a good choice due to its factory overclock and at a smaller price than the others but seemed fishy to me lol
  4. @ xon_8: Look through the Newegg reviews on the cards; There seem to be temperature issues with both the Powercolor and Asus cards, for that reason I'll recommend the XFX again, although you'll still have to turn the fan up a bit to keep the temperatures within reason.
    BTW, nice setup:)
  5. Get the longest warranty possible. Can't emphasize it enough. I learned the hard way and fullly ate the cost of an EVGA 8800 GTS 512 that died 2 weeks after the short warranty expired.
  6. i see and brand wise XFX seems to be the more trusted one also....and since the price difference is minimal i guess i should go for the more trusted brand although the extra year warranty for the ASUS is great....but after looking at reviews the XFX 1 seems to be the better deal...not many have had problems with it as apposed to the ASUS and the cooling seems to be much better than that of the powercolor like you guys said....i think i will go for the XFX thanks a lot guys

    thanks for the compliment on the setup :P started upgrading my old rig recently coz it was about time and didnt want to spend soooo much on a case i thought it would come cheaper if i modded it myself for better airflow later which it did also gave me something to do in between studying for the exams :P
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