E6750 first time overclocker

board: nForce 650i p6n SLI by MSI
proc: core 2 duo e6750 @ 2.66ghz

I went into bios and changed settings to manual
I manually changed front side bus frequency to 1375 from 1333 hit f10 to save settings
I have CPU-Z, CORE TEMP, and PRIME 95

I ran prime 95 till test 12 or 13 cpu temps 100% load were 62% on stock air cooler

One question i have is, browsing through forums i was told if i changed the FSB to 1375 i would have 3ghz stable, but within CPUZ or CORE TEMP nothing i see says 3ghz or maybe i dont know how to look it, any help or guidance is appreciated
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  1. Edit : 62degrees C not 62%
  2. UPDATE: got the CPU to 3ghz, it passes prime95 stress tests and temps were in the 64c range. when im just sitting at the desktop doing nothing, the computer now freezes.
    i have the cpu down to 2.95ghz and no freezes. is the 3ghz just not stable with my setup or i thought there was something i had to do with the memory to make it 1:1 or something. im not clear on that or know how to do it.
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