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I have 2 gtx 285's running in SLI, both overclocked to 720/1565/1305 with idle temps at 45 to 50 degrees and load temps at 60 to 67 degrees on both cards. (Measured with EVGA Precision and ATI Tools. My question is are these clocks to high? and are these Temps to high? The reason I ask is that Most of the heat is being suck through my PSU and out the back and its pretty damn hot. Should I be worried at all?
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  1. What is the temp threshold of your GPU's?
  2. The card temperatures are very good and use the ATITool 'scan for artifacts' test, if the cards are too overclocked that will show you.
    Check your system temperatures, perhaps your motherboard came with monitoring software? Or you could use Speedfan or Everest.
    Try installing a more powerful exhaust fan and a front intake fan to improve airflow.
  3. Mousemonkey said:
    What is the temp threshold of your GPU's?

    105 degrees max
  4. I would be comfortable with 38c of headroom, but it's your rig and your money.
  5. will i the extra heat from the gpu's affect the psu because that heat is drawn through the psu? it vent everywhere but the most of it is through the psu unless thats just the heat from the psu......?
  6. I thought all the GTX285s' exhausted their heat out of the case, due to the dual slot coolers?
  7. If your PSU is at the top then it's also taking the heat from the CPU but I would hope that the designers have taken that into account. If however you are worried then why not fit some exhaust fans in the side of the case next to the graphic cards?
  8. psu is at the bottom and there is a fan on the side blowing air on the gpu's. check out the case specs if you have time. x2 140mm at top exhuast,x2 120mm front intake,x1 120mm back exhaust,x1 120mm side intake plus all component fans.psu fan facing gpu's pulling air in and out the back.gpu fans at 80%. north bride and south bridge fans. 92mm cpu fan with masscool cooler.

    the fan on the side is not removable without force and i need some sort of air flow on the cards. where would you recommend putting another exhuast?
  9. I have five 80mm fans all exhausting on my SLI rig with one 5.5in bay panel taken out to let air in, I find that works best for my rig as for yours, it's time to experiment.
  10. i will experiment thanks. it cant be good for all that heat going through that psu though.what are your thoughts on that?
  11. It depends on the quality of the PSU really, a good one will have components rated to 105c or thereabouts so a 60c or 70c draft shouldn't worry them at all plus the fan that a good quality PSU uses (120mm) should be more than capable of shifting that air straight up (or down) and out of the back. Sites like Hardware secrets and JonnyGURU will give you a fair idea of what a good PSU should be able to tolerate.
  12. i have a corsair hx1000 that has a 120mm fan and solid state capasitors with 105c rated. you should check members profiles.

    thank you though
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