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Hello, I'm a new user and I just want to know if i can overclock my old CPU

Windows 7
Ram 2 GB Stock Samsung Single Channel (in 3 days i will be 1 GB extra)
Video Card: now its the integrated Chipset GMA 3100, but i have on my hands the HD 5670 DDR5 1GB and i will not install this until i have the new PSU.
PSU: Stock of Dell Inspiron 530, (In 3 Days I will have an Actek 600w.)
Motherboard: I'm Not sure, but it's Integrated (foxconn g33m02) Of the Dell Inspiron 530.
CPU: E2160 @ 1.8 Ghz , and i want to overclock it, i readed a lot of succesfull overclocks over this processor, sometimes with 100% of efficiency, and i want to know if with the 600w. Psu i can do it? or just i can do it with the stock Psu? I don't think that i will be able to overclock with the Motherboard with Dell Bios.

I don't have right now enough money to change my Motherboard, but in a few months (five or six) im planning to buy an AMD compatible motherboard and one that will be compatible with pci-e 2.0 or 2.1.

I need to know if i can do this, and how?
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  1. No you can't oc dell boards.
  2. christop said:
    No you can't oc dell boards.

    uhm, that's kinda sad, now i have to wait to have enough money for a new processor + new motherboard.

    The other question is.. could i Run the games decently with that setting? it won't be a bottleneck or something?
    i just want to run the games on med-high , games like BC2,COD MW2 & BLACK OPS,Assasins Creed ,Shogun Total war 2,RUSE, Etc.
    i will be able to do that with that cpu?
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