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I Am working on a Dell Latitude D610 and I have tried everything. The HD was fine, loading windows perfectly, then all of a sudden it loops the windows boot up. I've tried every tool, including UBCD to recover anything, but it says the drive is not formatted? I am at a loss
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  1. I did download, install onto a CD and ran the diagnostics on the HD. The tests fail. I had installed windows xp pro on here before when there was an issue. I installed it via quick format, so I think the issue is, the bad sectors never got fixed..I think - again I am at a loss
  2. The drive is failing. It has bad sectors. You should replace the drive with a new one.
    Usually once a drive develops bad sectors it will develp more bad sectors over time so its time to replace it.
  3. I know, I am fixing it for someone who has little money and is trying to go to college. I am just trying to patch it up for simple tasks.
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