Intel X25-M 120GB or OCZ Vertex 2 240GB?


I am currently considering the purchase of a new computer with SSD as the system drive. Because of the availablility and distributors, I can only consider to have Intel X25-M 12GB / 160GB or OCZ Vertex 2 120GB / 240GB.

I would like to know which one is the better choice? I have browsed through the reviews and benchmarks on Tom's Hardware and AnandTech but I am still very confused. In terms of raw performance, OCZ Vertex 2 seems to beat Intel X25-M in all aspects. On the other hand, when in used state and application launching / gaming benchmarks, Intel is the winner.

So, what's that means? Real world performance does not corresponds to synthetic benchmarks? I would like to get some advice on the choice.

Thanks a lot in advance!
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    For the time being the OCZ Vertex 2 would be the better choice.

    The Intel ssd's were very popular when they were first introduced. They are very reliable too. Intel has not updated their ssd's while other companies like OCZ and Crucial have introduced new and improved ssd's. In fact, more new advanced generation 3 drives will be introduced starting next month.

    News reports indicated Intel was preparing new generation 3 drives. Consumers were expecting the new ssd's to be available at the end of 2010. So far no release date has been announced. It appears as if Intel is behind schedule.
  2. I just put a Vertex 2 180GB in my laptop and it is very fast. I can't speak on the reliability yet as I've only had the drive for a couple days now.
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