HP Laptop: SSD battery life

I'm looking at the HP 2530p with 128GB SSD.
How does the transfer rate compare with a 1.8" 160GB laptop drive?
Battery Life?

Ie should I go with SSD from HP or simply order standard laptop disk?
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  1. Battery life is better with an SSD installed. What brand SSD does HP install?
  2. have the procuct number
    HP EliteBook 2530p (XU042UA#ABA) but our modern marketeers driven world has determined that I shouldn't be interesed in the details. So I'm not sure how to find out. Guess I need to buy it to find out.
  3. Just curious. Some SSDs are better than others, but all are faster and use less power than HDDs. You could always call HP if you want specs that aren't listed.
  4. Thanks. I finally set the priority to the CPU which is the life and breath of the machine. I can always switch out the HD. for a SSD.
  5. Good choice. I just upgraded my 6 month old HP dv6t with a OCZ Vertex 2. Switching out your HDD for an SSD is easy.
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