QPI Clock and Uncore multiplier clock

Ok so I am going to overclock my intel i7 920 by upping the base clock. By doing this I need to step down the QPI, Uncore, and Memory multipliers.

I got the memory multiplier down but I have a few questions. How do I know how high I can set the QPI clock to? How do I know how high I can set the Uncore clock to? Also is it ok to go a little over the RAM clock? I have 1333 DDR3 ram...will it be ok to sett it a little higher than 1333 or not?

Here is a calculator I am using see if it looks good on he overclocking settings I have:

This gets my CPU to 3.8 do I know if the QPI clock is too high or the Uncore? The RAM clock should be find as it is just under 1333.
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    Can you provide us with a little more information like CPU revision, motherboard, memory etc?

    p.s If you are using this setting from the picture you will be fine, everything is in safe limits. But always remember to set all voltages manually.

    p.p.s You can leave UCLK and UNCORE multilayer at auto without any problem.
  2. The CPU revision is D0
    The motherboard I will be getting is
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