OCZ dual channel seen as single channel

I'm running 4gigs of OCZ pc2 6400 menory on my Asus P5S-MX SE mother board.
The problem is thru CPU-Z ID it shows my memory running @333mhz and not the 800mhz it's capabile of and also shows it as single channel memory not the dual channel memory that it is.
My mother boards bios has no settings to change for the memory other than the latency modifer.
Which for this memory is a 5.

Any Idea's?
Cause I'm fresh out on this one.
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  1. Quote:
    If it shows single channel and you have 2 sticks, then you have one of the sticks in the wrong slot. If you read your mobo manual it explains this. Use like colors.

    333mhz x 2 (ddr2) means your memory is running at 667mhz, not 800mhz. If you want it to run at 800mhz, you need to set it to 400mhz (x2 (ddr2)

    My mother board only has two memory slots...
    And really if you had read my op you would have NOTICED! "That I can't change any settings for the memory other than the latency..."
    MY memory timings are 5-4-4-4@2.1volts
  2. Here are my specs. And If you want to trade insults all day we can do it. I have been building computers for OVER twenty years in the field and at home. so If you want to compair brainpans lets go at it...
    If you want to help, lets stop the stupid nerd raging here and now, cause this 40+ year old doesn't have the time nor the desire to deal with it.
    And yes I have read the system board manual and it has nothing about it in there, even in the bios it is unaviable to be changed...

    MY specs
    Asus P5S-MX SE
    Pentium D 945@3.4ghz
    OOZ PC2 6400 SLI ready edition
    BFG 9800GTX+512mb factory OC'ed
    BFG 800watt psu
  3. Best answer
    P5S-MX SE
    intel centrino2

    - LGA775 socket for Intel® Core™2 Duo/Pentium D/Pentium 4/Celeron
    - SIS 671FX+SIS 968
    - FSB 1066/800/533MHz
    - Single-channel DDR2 667/533
    - SIS Mirage 3 Integrated Graphics
    - 2x SATA 3Gb/s with Raid 0, 1 funtion
    - Gb LAN
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