ATI HD 4890 hdmi display issue

So i just got my i7 system put together and tried to hook up my hd 4890 to my tv/monitor via hdmi, but got nothing. I tried vga and it works and is what I am using right now but would prefer hdmi. Is there anything i need to do first? any help would be appreciated
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  1. Detail your system config. What monitor are you using? What is your OS?
  2. i7 920
    sapphire hd 4890
    ocz 6 gb ddr3
    wd 640 gb hd
    asus p6t se
    antec 902
    my monitor is my 22 inch element tv which supports both hdmi and vga
    also am using vista home premium 64 bit
  3. I am having the same problem with my new I5 system. the 4890 worked just fine, other than a small border on all sides, until win7 32bit was replaced by win7 64bit, new 64bit drivers for the 4890 did not restore my HDMI out.
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