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hi guys

i am building a gaming rig, and i want to install core i5 2500k. i have no overclocking experience and i have read some where that overclocking reduces the age of processor overtime and it may damage the processor and its warranty cannot be i want your help in this regard. as i want to overclock my cpu but i dont want to damage it. i have saved for 7 months just to buy core i5 2500K rig but i also want to safely overclock it so that my cpu is not affected
secondly temp in my city rises to about 48 degrees in summer and its really hot and i dont have an AC in my room where i will be keeping my how can i overclock my system safely? and what should be the temps of the cores where there is no risk of CPU getting damaged?

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    Well it will be outdated long before it reaches its life cycle and you will have been thru about 4 rigs in that time.
    If you got proper cooling and you monitor your temps then you'll be fine. Just keep it under 80 when stress testing. But first get it and get comfortable with it. make sure your case is well ventilated and try and get a aftermarket cooler

    thanks alot, appreciate you help
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