Is a Pentium II a hard drive

We are trying to get rid of our Compaq Presario and its seems rather dismantled...we pulled out the Pentium II that the Hard Drive??

IF not where is it...we see no metal cage for a hard drive that was found on my other computer ...where we successfully pulled out its hard drive.
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  1. How can a Pentium II processor be a hardrive?

    Isn't that like saying a Samsung Monitor is a keyboard?

    I'm not sure how were supposed to know where your hardrive is. Only you can see inside the case. If your blind, feel around.
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    Yeah, your question makes no sense. Here's some tips:

    This is a hard drive

    It's has a large ribbon-like cable connected to it like this

    A Pentium II on the other hand is your processor. It looks like an old style nintendo cartridge plugged into the large circuit board inside your computer.
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  4. Thanks...I figured the Processor and a hard driver were different components but could not locate the hard drive on his computer.

    When I took my own computer apart the harddrive was in a sort of cage...easy enough to find...a bit of a challenge to get out...but we did.

    We want to discard the computer...but destroy the harddrive first.
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