Old Graphics card, New Mobo

I have an old Radeon x600 graphics card, and I was wondering if adding the graphics card would help on a new motherboard even if the onboard graphics are better than the card? I just hate to waste the card, but it's pretty old. I just want to maximize everything i have for the least money. I know very little about graphics cards, and was just wondering if it would help or hinder?

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Any recent onboard (ie 740G) is probably better than that card now.
  2. Yes, i understand that, I was just wondering if adding the card would give it MORE of whatever graphics need. In other words im better off just tossing the card in the trash right?
  3. no it would not give you more if your on-board chip is better then that old card. Your card would replace the on-board for video, they would not stack. More modern video cards can do that.

    Try selling it on ebay. You may be surprised what you can get for it.
  4. Ok. thanks. I'll try that.
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