PLEASE HELP!!! WIN7 Install Issues

Hello all, I've encountered some problems installing windows 7 on a new clean build from the oem version and I'm not sure what to do.

Let me explain what happened, at first I went through the steps, created a partition on my ssd (boot drive) and began the installation, it started but was moving very slow. After about 2-3 hours it was only at 30% expanding files.

I thought it was running too slow and read online that this can sometimes happen if Floppy is still enabled in bios. So i decided to restart the comp and try to adjust the bios then try again (really wishing now I didn't do that). Well I did that, went to bios, couldn't find the floppy option, so I went to try and install again. Well now it was moving really really slow.

and heres the problem, once I click install now, the screen comes up where I should see my SSD but now I see nothing. I know the ssd works because it worked fine before and its showing up in BIOS

I'm really sorry if that was confusing, this is my first ever build and everything went smoothly until now. I will answer any questions quickly and to the best of my ability.

heres my pc specs:
asus sabertooth p67 mobo
i5 2500k cpu
8gb corsair vengeance ram
crucial m4 ssd

I'm assuming by stopping the install midway the first time I messed something up, I would be very grateful for any help.
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  1. also, I think part of the problem my be that i've got all these partial files on the ssd from when i tried to install the first time

    how can I just wipe everything out so I can start over on a blank state again? its not like there's any info I can lose

    would this help?
  2. I have same motherboard. You might have changed on what is the boot drive. If so just change to SSD Drive. Do you have steam?
  3. What size ssd u have. Not the best idea to part ssd.

    x32 or x64 bit? Reset to the default your BIOS.

    Did u installed in AHCI mode?
  4. Also, there is no support for a floppy disk drive controller or an ATA-133 port.

    On your mobo.
  5. 64gb ssd

    64 bit win7

    and i didn't change anything in bios, but i'll reset to default just in case
  6. Jwill89 said:
    64gb ssd

    64 bit win7

    and i didn't change anything in bios, but i'll reset to default just in case

    Did u installed in AHCI mode?

    And the partition size?
  7. largest partition possible

    and im honestly not sure what ahci mode is, I installed in whatever mode the bios installs default

    i'm thinking about just picking up a 128gb ssd and installing that, then i should be able to start fresh, right?
  8. Yes. Use it. Switch to it like this pic show's. U don't have old hardware so use it.

  9. i have the efi bios, and idea where it would be on there?

    i think i remember seeing that enabled already
  10. I think u have check your manual. Its there.
  11. It will be under integrated peripherals, my guess.
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