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I am stuck, help me decide please!

Last response: in Systems
May 23, 2009 6:37:25 PM

Hi guys,

I wish to get a Gaming PC build but I am unable to decide between two setup options and they are A- Core 2 Quad setup and B- Core i7 setup. I am trying my best to figure out which one would be better and thereafter create a system which is as future proof and economical as it is possible. If I buy a Core 2 Quad setup and its cheaper upgrading the system later when the Core i7 or i5 line is mainstream it would also be future proof in a sense as it would be economical later to upgrade or just to buy a Core i7 based system straight on which would be very costly now but may in the long run performs and proves economical as it may need lesser upgrades. Personally I dont have much knowledge so I am asking your help for me to decide. As for budget I am able to get either of the two setups but would tend to focus on economy since times are very tough these days because of the recession. Therefore for these two setups below are the questions, points I wish to ask from you for clarification, guidance, information in the light of your experience and informaton:

A- Core 2 Quad setup:

1- Some Core 2 Quads like Q6600 are no longer available and that means they are no longer supported. Q9550 is still available but is expensive. So I am inclined to select a mid range processor which is still available like Q8300. Which processor do you see remains supported for a reasonable time?

2- How long do you think this setup would play games with a good video card?

3- Will this setup run Windows 7 and Directx 11 games?

B- Core i7 setup:

1- Since Core i7 processors are still not officially launched as mainstream I would like to know if some models currently available would be discontinued and not supported after Intel officially lanuches its line of Core i7/i5 Nehalem processors for the mainstream. I have read somewhere that a Core i7 processor model has been discontinued and another would be changed when officially launched as mainstream version.

2- Are Core i7 processors here to stay when the Nehalem mainstream version Core i5 would be launched or they would be discontinued? If Core i7 is to stay and remain the same as being offered now, it would be logical to move with Core i7.

3- Would the associated hardwares like hard disk, casings remain the same?

4- Would I have to change the motherboard for Directx 11 compatibility? If any other hardware please mention.

4- How long do you expect this setup to run games provided a good Directx 10 or Directx11 capable video card is added? I have read somewhere that by the first quarter of next year Intel would release a six core processor based on the Nehalem architecture? Please inform in the light of your experience and information.

Looking forward to your kind advises, suggestions, information, guidance, recommendations etc. Best regards. :) 

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May 23, 2009 7:02:01 PM

Give us a budget..... Is this system going to be just for gaming. If so you may want to think about a dual core. Something like
Lot of power and high speed can be over clocked all that good stuff cheap. The quad cores are great for apps that support them (not many). As for bench marks the dual cores are on par or damn close to the quads and save some money. Now if your wanting to go with the quad you might wanna think about AMD cost effectuve with potental for new hardware.
May 23, 2009 7:02:44 PM

as long as you get a current ATi card then DX11 is supported.

core i7 will stay after i5, infact it will last longer since it gets 6 core cpu's and i5 doesn't. and the 965 and 940 are being discontinued because they are C0 cpu's while the 920, 950 and 975 are D0

you won't have to change the mobo for DX11 compatibility.

it will run games for a good two years if you buy it with a good gfx card.