GA-P55-UD3P problem

Hi guys. I recently built a new computer, specs are:

Intel core i5
4gig ddr3 ram
550w power supply
500 gig hard drive.

Now I have a weird problem. I put everything together and went to install windows XP. It asked to format the hard drive to something around 140 gig. I found this really strange, because my hard drive is 500gig. I formatted anyway and during the process the computer shut off. I couldn't get it to turn back on, it would turn itself off after a few seconds.

I spent a few hours swapping parts, but I finally fixed the problem by replacing the power supply. I think the power supply died and it now boots up without shutting off.

I think the hard drive is going to have to be formatted again. Without the hard drive in, it asks me to enter a CD to begin installing the operating system. With the hard drive in, it says something along the lines of "Error loading operating system" and nothing else appears.

Is possible my hard drive is incompatible? What are your suggestions? Should I try to reformat my hard drive again and if so how? Thanks
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  1. Whose hard drive, and what model?
  2. Hi bilbat. My hard drive, Seagate Barracuda 500gb, 7200.12 7200RPM SATA-II hard disk, 16mb cache
    edit: also have a 5770 graphics card installed if that makes any difference.
  3. First, I'd recommend visiting here:
    There are a large number of Seagate drives floating around 'in the channel' that have firmware problems; read carefully, follow directions carefully; use their tool to confirm driveID - flashing firmware to some drives that don't require it has been known to render them completely inoperable! (i.e., 'bricked!)

    Once this is taken care of, take a look here:
    The download is here:
    Burn the iso to disk, and if you can't find a tool there to fix your problem (several Seagate-specific tools are included), your problem likely can't be fixed! :pt1cable:
  4. Hi Bilbat, thanks for the help. I solved the problem by installing windows 7. Apparently there was a hardware compatibility issue with the old windows xp, but windows 7 fixed this and everything is working now.
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