GTX 460 Cyclone squealing sound

So, I am having issues with my GTX 460 Cyclone 1GB playing some games, it will make a high pitch squealing sound.

Mostly I have noticed this while loading a multiplayer minecraft game. Also, while playing minecraft and other games it continues to squeal for a bit, but eventually gets low so I can barely hear it, but I can then hear it through my head phones for some reason.

Soon as a I minimize minecraft the sound goes away, the GPU usage goes down and so does the heat. I didn't know it took a lot to process a loading screen, then ends up not connecting.

Is this normal, is there a fix, or should I RMA it?

I would really like to get rid of this noise, especially it going through my headset and speakers.
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  1. Hey,
    I have this problem too.
    I have an ASUS GTX 460 1gb version. I did do a bit of research myself on this issue as as I used to hear it on the opening screen to Crysis 1 (the title screen).
    It also happens it Photoshop CS5 sometimes when I alter certain image settings and filters. This led me to believe that it was the computer using the GPU to processes data - quote me if I’m wrong but I do remember reading somewhere that the new Nvidia GPU's are able to be utilized as a cpu if the program is designed to allow it

    Also I have found that the noise also happens when using PhysX technology.

    I would also be interested in resolving this issue, however the sound doesn't come through my speakers :S
  2. Sounds like the coil squealing issue. When I bought my 275 my card would make a high pitch squealing noise. It was happening only when FPS was in the hundreds. So loading screens, menus, and older games unless the FPS were locked.
    For minecraft I put vsync on in the options to limit the fps to 60.
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