New build, new to Oc-ing and...i need help & thougths.

Hello everyone.

So i just got done putting my new rig together...i think its beast....well, enough for what i want to do with it (gaming and design work)

my specs are:

motherboard: ASUS Crosshair IV Formula :
cpu: AMD PHENOM II black edition quad @ 3.4 ghz ....OVERCLOCKED to 4.0
cpu cooling: Corsair H50 cpu cooler. (i added two fans to it)
psu: Corsair 750W
Memory : 16 gigs (board max) of Kingston HyperX 4GB DDR3 1600MHz Dual-Channel

Storage: OCZ 90g ssd (boot drive/game drive) ...the rest all seagates, 600g hdd / 500g/ 250g @ 7200 rpm and an external wd 1.5tb hdd

GPU: EVGA GTX 470 with 1.5 ddr5 video ram.
case: cooler master HAF 932 case

as far as airflow, the pc has 3 additional fans aside from the h50.
its got 2 HUGE fans 12mms' on the side and one on top, and a ..i forgets the size but one a WEE bit smaller in front where the HDDs are. friend says to me "common man with all that you HAVE to OC "
and admittedly, ive always wanted to....and i HAVE done SOME searching to see where i can start but there is SO much info that....i was like forget this lol...until now.

anyways so, My mobo has an OC software that Ocs my memory and does like these self run tests and keeps going bit by bit until it thinks its enough?

so after running that, it went from 3.4 to 4.0.

then i ran FINAL FANTASY 14 game and after like an hr or so, i got BSOD.
i got scared since i know nothing of temps etc...and lowered it back to stock 3.4

after looking on here and the net, i downloaded CORE TEMP prog to read my cpu temps.

i dont know 100% how to read em but. from looking on it.

it reads a stable 4.2c on idle and while working on things like photoshop etc...
but when i game it goes lil bit by bit to like ....last i saw was 6.2c to 6.5

now i dont know if this is good or not, or...i dont even know what my cpus normal temp is supposed to be so i dont know.........i dont know anything.

i did ttry to google my cpus normal temp but thats ......i dont think thats the right way to search for my information since everyones ambient temp is diff...

so i came here to the pros.

any help in the form of SCHOOLIN A NOOB i can get is GREATLY appreciated lol.

thanks in advanced.
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    ive been advised not to overclock with software inside windows use your bios it has a great menu for overclocking called extreme tweeker (read this article it helped me
    With your cpu keep your temps below 60 max from what i have read 65c can cause damage to your cpu also i suspect its your north bridge overheating as that board has heat issues with it. ( i solved that issue with liquid cooling )
    main thing to remember when overclocking is small changes dont just jam settings in that you want to work.
    use the oc profile in your bios to set up a default clock that you can run on even if its just your stock settings with your boot drive ect setup then start to play with extreme tweeker for overclocking
    to keep tabs of your temps use pc probe or AI suite both are in the utilities downloadable on asus site with all your drivers for your motherboard.
    You will need a benchmarking program to check stability like prime 95 or hyper pie
    but most of all read the overclocking guide i linked you and read it well most of your questions will be addressed there
    let us know how you make out
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  3. hey grahamie, thanks for your insightful reply.

    well put and i will get to those links as soon as i can.

    but if you dont mind my asking, any particular reason why not to OC via op sys as oppose to bios?
  4. as far as overclocking via software you run the risk of software error from my understanding
    bois overclocking is hardware level and eliminates any uncertainty’s with windows or software
    when you get going and are fighting with system stability you want to be 100% sure of your settings and temps ( bios temps are under hardware monitor under the advanced tab )
    im sure 99.9% of people will tell you to use your bios and not software
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