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hey i'm new, so sorry if this is an old question but, i have a vaio pcv rx755 and i want to get a new cpu without having to get a new mother board and i was wondering if it was possible and what is the best cpu i can put iin to it. thanks
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  1. While I have to ask what any poor CPU did to you that you would think of dropping into a sony Vio ...........

    You first have to find out what CPUs your motherboard supports. You will have to search online for the service repair manual for your particular model as it will generally list replacement parts including compatible motherboards and what CPUs those motherboards support. Using a CPU that is better than your motherboard supports will require you to replace the motherboard. Also keep in mind that you will have to take apart the ENTIRE laptop to do this CPU upgrade.
  2. Whats wrong with vaios?

    the only information i could find about what motherboard i had is this. ASUSTeK Computer INC. P4S266VX REV 1.xx, Bus Clock: 100 megahertz.
  3. I gather you are "Josh", and the Asus support forum was no help either lol.

    Anyhow, you can try to identify what socket you have by comparing what you see with pictures of the various sockets a P4 came in. Then you could buy a faster Pentium 4 that fits that socket, and pop it in, see what happens.

    And now you have some insight into our reaction to Vaios. When you want to do something like this, they want you to buy a new one. And that's only one reason.
  4. lol no kidding, but they look so pretty.

    Seems very sticks and stones, but i'll check it out. Thanks
  5. If by sticks and stones you mean "stone age", yup. Thank Sony for not putting any info on the spec page, even a misrepresentation of the "2 GHz" cpu. But if you can indentify what socket you have, there's a chance your BIOS (which they do not talk about either) might recognize and support a faster chip.

    If by sticks and stones you mean calling Sony "names", I've got a lot more lol.
  6. well i just foundout its a 478B but after searching around it seems that its not as simple as drop and play. Plus i cant seem to find any website or place that sells em
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