Turn Ons: Dog Turds, SB X-FI Problems, and Duct Tape.. please help!

I just installed a fresh copy of Vista 64 on my machine. I loaded all of my drivers, but for some reason my SB X-FI Titanium wants to act upnow . Only the digital in and out ports are recognized by Vista.. For some reason Vista wants to load drivers automatically for a "High Definition Audio Device."

I have disabled the Realtek onboard-audio my motherboard has in the bios and saved the changes.. I have searched the interwebs for answers, but I haven't found anything. Soon.. I will resort to sacrificing a chicken to appease the dark computer gods.

The only audio comes out of my motherboard jacks. .. I am stumped. The SB card worked before. I haven't dinked with the bios. I swear the motherboard audio is disabled.. yet the system acts like it is enabled.

Has anyone had this problem?

My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-MA790XT-UD5P
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  1. The problem is your using a X-FI :D. Anyway set your default audio device to the Sound Blaster.
  2. No kidding lol. I wish I would have picked up something else. How do you setup the card as Default?

    I go: Control Panel >Sound >

    I see the soundblaster but it is already has a green checkmark by it. Does that mean it is the default?

    Thanks for your help!

    Rather.. the SPDIF out has the green check mark. I don't see any other Soundblaster options.
  3. This is a computer forum, we could have lived without the Dog turds comment!!!
  4. Actually, I do believe that "Dog Turd" is the technical description for "Creative Audio Products". ;)

    Right click a blank area in the control Panel/Sound area and select 'Show Hidden devices'. You should be presented with the option to select the analogue outputs.
  5. I really wish I would have gone with another brand of sound card.. The stuff that Creative Labs spews out is horrible. I enabled the 'show hidden devices' but it only added the Internal SB X-FI AUX Jack. Is my soundcard dead?
  6. ALchemy driver..........for x-fi........... install it.
  7. I just installed ALchemy.. no luck. No analog connections appear in the sounds area of the control panel..
  8. uninstall the creative drivers and uninstall the card from device manager.
    start/right click computer/advanced/hardware/windows driver updates........ select never look for updates.
    Device manager........ delete ( uninstall ) the high def audio device... microsofts thing that it's trying to update. .
    While the machine is booting look in the bios for on board audio and disable it.
    reboot and install the creative drivers..... from the disc if you have it or the ones you downloaded if no disc.... the ALchemy driver to........ I think it was separate and an add on to the sound driver... ????
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