Integrated graphics performance

my friend just recently got his i3 550

and he told me there was no graphic card included.
coz the technician told him that, if he adds a graphic card, it'll slow down and stuff..

i said.. i think thats wrong..
because as far as i know.. it is always better to have a dedicated graphics card..

i3 540's integrated graphic has 733 Mhz graphics base frequency
so.. how good is this?

he wanted to have a radeon 4650..

so i said probably thats better cause i used it before and worked fine in recent games..

or he better stick to the integrated graphics..

so what i want to know is..
is the integrated graphic better?

a) i recently got a msi ngtx570 twin frozr II oc
it has

Core Clock Speed(MHz) 750
Memory Clock Speed(MHz) 4000

is it based on clock frequency? 733 vs 750?( few difference?)

can anyone tell me how good the i3 540 integrated graphic is..
or equivalent graphic card.
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  1. GPU specs really mean nothing(not to mention you need to look at all specs, intel hd2000 has 6 cores i believe, gtx570 has 480 cores), what you want to look at is real world benchmarks, ie the fps you get in games. Also having a graphics card will not slow the pc down, but when upgrading graphics card you need to make sure your psu can handle it. If you have a i3 540, I think you wasted money on a 570 as your cpu is bottlenecking your gpu.

    Heres a hierarchy chart,,2879-7.html for more info Tom's has charts with lots of information.,1.html
  2. i see..

    the i3 540 was my friend's..
    i sure thought something was wrong the way the technician told my friend..

    i took the i3 550 temporarily for now..
    and would sell it this december or jan
    till the new x68 arrive.. (big upgrade from pentium d 2.8..)

    i just took the 570 so i can use it also for the coming new processor next year..

    how much bottleneck would be there? in my i3 550 and gtx570 ?
    im using 1440x900 native reso..

    should i oc my i3 550 to 3.5-3.8 to prevent bottleneck?

    "intel hd2000" -> is this the integrated graphic in i3 540 and 550 ?
  3. now im worried with the bottleneck in my new cpu..

    heres my specs

    motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H55M-S2H
    processor: i3 540 3.20ghz
    memory: 4gb ddr3
    video card: msi ngtx 570 twin frozr ii

    id be selling the mobo, proce and mem to my other friend i had a deal with this december..

    i bought it because i badly needed to replace my ancient system..
  4. I understand your situation, that saves money. Then the bottleneck is negligible for now especially if youre maxing out your current games. I hope youre also getting a bigger monitor when you upgrade, its kind of a waste on such a small resolution.

    Sorry, hd 2000 is the i5's integrated graphics and sandy bridge i3. The one that is just called "intel hd graphics" is for your i3.
  5. yea, i read mostly that you needed some XXX x 1050 reso this days..

    but 1440x900 is already big enough for me..

    you think the the bottleneck really that bad?..
    so. what do you suggest so i can prevent bottleneck for now..
  6. 1440x900 is 19" isnt it? If you get something bigger like a 24" then lots of people like to have 1080p. Also high end cards really show their power vs lower cards at higher resolutions.

    As i said before the bottleneck is negligible if youre maxing out current games. And it should only be a small one since your 3+ ghz.
  7. oh i see..

    its 20 inch
    samsung ex2020x led

    ill be having 3 1440x900 monitor soon.
    and sli next year..
  8. You will have to have sli to support 3 monitors when going Nvidia.
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