Info on increasing power/speed with my media.

I want to make sure I ask this correct.
I just bought an iPad, and now I am starting to convert all my video to MP4, because I think its better than .avi! I also have a lot of media I am trying to organize so it can easily be accessible by my iPad.

I have an external usb hard drive thats like 3 years old. I have it filled with videos, comics, and ebooks almost maxing its 500gb

I want to upgrade some things on my build to make things go faster, stronger and better. I have 4gb of 1600 lat 7, and am thinking of getting 2x4gb Sniper 1333 lat9 and possibly getting two sets of this. Either way 8gb would be sweet.

Then I was thinking of getting a second 1tb sata 3 or Crucial SSD sata 64gb, but with my current sata 3 HD, I am not hitting sata 3 speeds so one would increase speed and the other storage.

So I wanted to know if there is anything else I can do to up my strength for converting video and storing it.
I am using a **** iMedia converter, would I get better performance with a different converter??

This is kinda of scrambled, I know that 8 or 16gb will be insanely cool and I know that the SSD will only be for increasing Windows and a handful of programs. I just wanted a second opinion.
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  1. not sure if there will be much or any improvement increasing above 8GB of memory.

    why are switching to slower memory?
  2. I read around the internet that only in synthetic benchmarks, will I see a difference between 1333 and 1600.
    And that 1600 is only if I plan to Over Clock.
    I checked around and it seemed to match info from several places.

    Anyways I have been converting this video over and have found that MP4 takes up much more space at least by a x1.5!
    Four seasons of batman equaled 14gb, and 3 seasons is at 41gb!

    I thought with 16gb I would be able to multi task any project needed. I would probably start out with the first set of 8gb and buy another. I really need storage right now, cuz 1tb internal and 500gb external isn't enough these days.
  3. I also would be spending over 20$ just to get latency 8 instead of 9.
    The higher rated memory they charge a lot more for.
    1333 lat 9 is very cheap.
  4. I have 3 different sets of DDR3 1600Mhz ram
    1. 4GB CL7
    2. 8GB CL8
    3. 4GB CL9
    Guess what set seems snappier to me during daily use?
    To me there's a big difference between the CL9 and CL7 set.
    The CL8 set is pretty responsive too might be the 8Gb's though.
    To me the CL9 performance is noticeably slower.
    I would just buy another matching 4Gb kit of CL7.
  5. Obviously I would probably just get the fastest timings I can afford, but I just can't find the equation that takes the speed and its latancy and tells you a number like 5.62ns or 6.2ns.

    So if I could afford 16gb 1066 lat 7, I would be better getting 8gb of 1333 lat 9?

    The 8gb sets of 1066/lat7=80$, 1333/lat9=85$, 1600lat9=105, and 1333/lat7=110!

    If I chose to get same memory but in 8gb form w/lat8, it would be $140, unless I max myself out at 8gb with another same set.

    If I just wanted to get 8gb of any of these, it would be fine, leaving me room to get a couple of HD's. I guess 16gb might be a little overkill, and I could just round up another 100$ in the future.

    I have a new question about HDs!

    Ok, I bought the WD 1tb sata 3 Caviar Black. I tested it and it only runs at sata 2 speeds. I was told my Giga AM3 UD5 would only allow certain speeds even though I have sata 3 connections. They also told me that SSD's are the only things that take advantage of sata 3. So there is no point in getting one, even with my board.

    I want to know now is, what 1tb HD, should I get? I can get 2 of the Seagate 7200.12 1tb sata 2 for 130$, saving 50$.
    Or I could get my same sata 3 HD and pay 180$ for two of them?

    I decided to just get 2x4gb 1333 Lat 7 memory for 110$ and buy a second set later down the road.

    I know my Rip Jaw memory fits under my Hyper 212+. They just released the Rip Jaw X's, so I rather get the newest that way they will have them in future so I can buy another set.

    Do you think that the Rip Jaw and Rip Jaw X's are the same height as far as fitting under a cooler???

    I compared two photos that were zoomed the same, and they really seem idential, and I don't see why not!

    EIther way the Rip Jaw and Rip Jaw x's are the same price, I just rather get the X's for its looks(blue) and for its longer life on the shelf!
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