Please Which Replacement PSU

I have an old PSU [ Fortron - FSP350-60THA-P ]


Compatibility ATX12V 2.2
Input Voltage: 220 -240V
Power Output:350W

The motherboard is microatx, does this matter?

I think I want a 500W because I have a lot of added external cards.

Can someone please point me towards a good quality cheap PSU of the same standards except high wattage because of the attached cards. I am worried the connectors will be different compared to the board I have.

My board is an old ASUS p5sd1-fm2-s

Please help.
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  1. Which external/attached cards do you have?

    Are you experiencing any problems with your current system?
  2. Please see this other thread for problem.

    I have been straining the psu for a few years with all these cards I added.

    A graphics card - Ati Sappire x1600, an ok one. Sound card - Herculese Digifire 2.7, pretty good one. Network card -wired. Card reader- loads of different cards adapters. And two dvd rom writer drives.
  3. The Corsair VX 550 watt power supply with 41 amps on the 12 volt rail is a high quality power supply with a lot more power than you need for your system:

    Here is a link to a technical review at

    To be honest your system does not use very much power.

    Did you check the memory modules as badge suggested in your other thread?
  4. I checked each of them individually in all of the slots. However, I haven't replaced them with new ones. Do you think there is a possibility that both have failed?
  5. I had 2 GB ram with 2x 1GB sticks. I have checked separately. Same problem.
  6. I'm gonna shed some cabbage and get some more ram then.
  7. Wait. I mean did you check the memory modules in somebody elses' computer - not in your own. In your other post you only mentioned trying the memory modules in your own motherboards. badge suggested trying the memory modules in a friends' computer.
  8. I don't have anyone elses computer to test on.
  9. I just found two old sticks which worked fine when I put them away, and they don't work either. So that's 8 4 sticks all don't work. The pc powers up without the ram, then if I put any in, just restart loop. I have a new psu on the way. Am I doing the right thing.

    The board I bought was 2nd hand. Is it a bad idea buying second hand boards.
  10. 4 sticks sorry.
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