Would this RAM be compatible with a Asus P6T Deluxe V2 and i7 920?

I'm wondering, because Fry's has a good sale on this RAM - and there isn't too much information on the product, as it's relatively new.

I'm guessing it is as it's DDR3, but it's always good to make sure. For somebody who's not very expierenced with computers, and is just starting (ME), I could use some good help ;)

Thanks :)
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    that ram wouldn't be compatible with your mb. It's dual-channel DDR3. You need the triple channel DDR3.
  2. not worth it, get ddr3 TRIPLE CHANNEL memory for best results on a x58 mobo
  3. Alright, thanks a lot guys ;). After further analysis, I decided to get this:

    At Frys, it's $181 after Taxes.
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