Is there any Software to view BIOS inside Windows?

This might be a dumb and talked to death already but is there any software that can allow me to take a snapshot of my current BIOS settings ??
Mine's GA-EP45-UD3P (REV 1.0) Motherboard.

And I don't mean 'change settings' I mean just see a snapshot/quick look at the BIOS settings rather than booting? Booting off and on into windows is close to 3 minutes for me and while that's not exactly a long time I was just wondering if this was at all possible...?

please be gentle with me:)
AND Thanks for reading this and helping me out.
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  1. Doesn't look like you've been having much luck at any forums with this one.

    I don't think it's possible (I could be wrong) for Windows to view the BIOS due to the nature of how it's designed.
  2. I think it's a conspiracy. The BIOS makers won't allow access to their code to OS or others so no one makes the software to read the BIOS from OS or other Software. Sorta reminds me of how MSFT refuses code to vendors or even well known software developers who are not even making competing software with MSFT. This and that and x/11, it's all cloak and dagger and we all pay in the end.

    We can't read the settings in BIOS but Everest SiSandra can read 1/2 of it? See, conspiracy abounds.
  3. Maybe Obama needs to know about this!!
  4. My cousin is very good friends with the assistant to LOLBAMA's secretarial pool and I'll get her to ask the great unbreakable LOLBAMA soon as I can.
    You'd be amazed at what goes on and NOT what goes in at LOLBAMA's new house.
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