Asus maximus gene 3 p55 or Gigabyte GA-P55M-UD4 Intel P55


Im planning on a new system build that i will mainly use for gaming. I will overclock the system eventually

Will there be a considerable difference in performance between these two mobos


btw my system will be:

cpu = i5 750
gpu= ati hd4870(already own)

ram = gskill 4gb dual channel ddr3 1600mhz ram

case = nzxt rogue (already own) psu = ocz gamextreme 600w
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  1. The Gigabyte board doesn't support 1600 Mhz RAM by default so you'd need to work around that right away.

    Both are high quality boards and will not disappoint you. And there will not be any perceptible performance difference between them.
  2. Thanks for the info i think i'll go for the gigabyte saw it for £119 on another website

  3. That include the VAT?

    Here's another deal for it. Compare shipping on both sites to see which one comes out with the best overall deal.
    £124.99 inc VAT.
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