How do I match PSU with Mobo/Equipment

I am getting ready to build my own machine for the first time. Plan on building i7 920 w/EVGA X58 mobo, Radeon 5850, Corsair Dominator 3x2GB, Win7x64, Cooler Master ATSC 840 case. Anyway, my question is for a rig like this, how do I know which PSU is sufficient? I'm not planning on running the GPU's in SLI/Crossfire. I figure 650w or 750w will do, but I get caught up with not knowing how many plugs I might need for all the fans, drives, etc. As wattage increases on the PSU's I've looked at (primarily Corsair), so does the number of SATA power plugs (ranging from 8-12) and other standard 4 pin plugs (ranging from 4 - 8). I'll probably run 2 CD/DVD/BluRay drives, 2 hard drives (in RAID 1), front USB/esata panel, obviously a fan for the CPU cooler, and the fans in the case. Can anyone help? Or point me in the right direction?
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  1. Use a PSU Calculator like this one:

    A 650 watter would be more than enough for your needs

    I'd look at:

    CM HAF 922 w/ the Corsair TX-650 (HX-650 is better but costs more)
    Antec 902 w/ TP-650 (SG-650 is better but costs more)

    If ya gonna use twin GFX cards and OC'ing consider HX-850 / SG-850
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