XP cannot find CD Drive (Brand Name changed)

Hello, my computer cannot find the CD Drive. The CD Drive model was Samsung CD-R/RW SW-252S in Bios. But in Device Manager, it was changed to Saisqng CD-R/RW WW-252S so there is a yellow question mark shown in front of it. It is impossible for me to download a Saisqng driver and a Samsung driver cannot work.
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  1. Try to uninstall and then re-install the drive in Device Manager.
  2. house70 said:
    Try to uninstall and then re-install the drive in Device Manager.

    After uninstallation and re-boot, the computer detect a new hardware called Saisqng CD-R/RW WW-252S. It can find suitable driver neither from XP nor from the original CD provided by the manufacturer Samsung. So the point is HOW can I tell the computer to correctly read the name (including the model no) of the CD-R/RW.

    In Bios, the Drive ID reads Samsung CD-V/RW SW-252S. I am sorry that the model no stated in the thread was wrongly spelt.

    When I start the computer and in the course of running the Bios, there is a message reading "Diskette drive 0 seek failure".
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  4. aford10 said:

    I have one DVD drive (out of order) and one CD-R/RW drive for the computer.

    Firmware downloaded from Samsung only showed the DVD Drive and did not take "Saisqng CD-R/RW WW-252S" as a valid drive. I could not type words (model no etc.) into the boxes of the firmware pop-up window and so I failed to update the corresponding driver.
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